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Pink Marble
Pink Marble
Denese has been taking care of my elderly parents for several years now. My dad calls her his jewel and let us know every single day that he and my mom (who has dementia) are being pampered and well taken care of. Denese provides exceptional loving care to my parents. It's obvious at each visit. They are relaxed, happy, clean and groomed. The house is in perfect condition. I've had many conversations with Denese  about my parents inevitable decline. She has been honest and forthright in her professional opinion and what a course of action might be if needed. I appreciate that as much as i am relieved that i know they are safe and being cared for without fail. 
Denese has a strong moral compass and i trust her implicitly. She has truly bonded with my parents. That bond helps with their well-being and helps them to have a good quality of  life in their waning years. 
I highly recommend Denese as a caregiver. She is a fine example of what all caregivers should be. We are lucky to have found her.

Susan Zemanek, MA

Pink Marble

Giving you the best care at home

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